Who we are

The purpose of the Association is to provide its membership with information about the political, social, economic and environmental issues that directly relate to the development of Edisto Island. The Association further seeks an active role in influencing the future development of the island by promoting the safety of its citizens, the guardianship of the island’s historical and cultural heritage, the protection of its members and their neighbors from unwanted encroachments, and by encouraging only that agricultural, business, and residential development that will support a peaceful and orderly way of life.

Additionally, the Association promotes the education of island residents through support of the local public school, awarding of post-secondary scholarships, and encouragement of adult literacy programs.

    2016 Board of Directors

President                Curtis Morrison
Treasurer                John Kirven
Asst. Treasurer      Jenny Leckie
Recording Sec.y     Wilma W. Frazier
Asst. Rec. Sec.        Marie Meggett
Correspond. Sec.   Fred Palm
Asst. Corr. Sec.       Bertha North-Lee
Membership Sec.   Pat Neumann
At-Large                  Henry Jenkins
At-Large                  Luvenia Armstrong
At-Large                  Bill Goad
At-Large                  Geno Middleton
At- Large                 Robert Haithcock